Volkswagen goes ahead with $2 billion new factory to produce upcoming Trinity high-efficiency long-range electric car

Volkswagen has green-lighted a new $2.2 billion investment to build a new factory in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Trinity has been touted as VW’s next flagship electric car built from the ground up to be easier,

And cleaner to manufacture, and achieve a high level of efficiency.

The German automaker has not revealed much more on the Trinity project,

But it did disclose that it aims to achieve “a much shorter charging time” and “a range of over 700 kilometers” (435 miles).

VW has previously talked about the Trinity coming to market “mid-decade,” but it now gives a timeline of 2026.

The German automaker also said that it aims to improve speed and efficiency of production to achieve a production time of 10 hours per vehicle

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