Kalex is the first speed motorcycle world champion in 2022

Kalex sealed the Constructors' title in the category at the Moto2 British GP – with eight rounds to go before the end of the season,

Which illustrates the superiority of the german chassis manufacturer.

Championship accounts before Silverstone had Boscoscuro 218 points clear of Kalex with 225 up for grabs

Meaning that everything was still mathematically open, although it was almost impossible to close the gap given Kalex's vast presence in the field. platoon.

With the win from Augusto Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Ajo) in Great Britain, Kalex added its 12th victory in as many races.

In this way, it reached the threshold of 300 points against 77 for Boscoscuro.

There are still 200 points to be awarded in the remaining eight rounds, so Kalex is mathematically the champion with the 223 points of advantage

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