Toyota EV bz4x features and range will give you a shock.

Toyota is poised to re-enter the electric vehicle segment with the 2023 bZ4X crossover,

which boasts edgy styling that sets it apart from Toyota's gasoline-powered SUVs.

oyota hasn't said how much the bZ4X will cost, but we expect a starting price in the high $30,000-range with loaded models cresting the $40,000 mark.

A front-wheel drive, single electric motor setup will be standard and offer 201 horsepower

but an all-wheel drive version with two motors is available and boosts total power to 215 horsepower.

According to Toyota, the all-wheel drive model is capable of a zero-to-62-mph time of 7.7 seconds.

The bZ4X will come with a 64.0-kWh battery pack that Toyota claims should deliver up to 250 miles of driving range per charge

Toyota says that solar panels integrated into the bZ4X will capture enough energy for about 1000 miles of driving range per year.

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