People are now testing Tesla's 'full self-driving' on real kids

Carmine Cupani wanted to set the record straight. So he asked his young son to stand in the path of his Tesla as it sped through a parking lot.

The North Carolina resident set out to refute a widely circulated video of a Tesla with the company's "full self-driving" beta software

which allows the car to steer, brake and accelerate, but requires an attentive human driver ready to take the wheel -- plowing into child-size mannequins.

Dan O'Dowd, a software company CEO who published the video earlier this month

Thinks the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration should ban "full self-driving" until Tesla CEO Elon Musk "proves it won't mow down children."

It also wasn't the first time he'd enlisted his son, who Cupani said is 11 years old, in a potentially viral car endeavor

Earlier this year he posted a video of his son driving his Model S Plaid — which can reach 0-60 in 1.99 seconds — in a private parking lot. It's been viewed more than 250,000 times.


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