If you're considering investing in an electric car like the Tesla Model 3, you should probably figure out how much it's going to cost you.

Figuring out its out-the-door price is the easy part, but it's obviously not the whole story.

To figure out how much a car is really going to cost you, you have to analyze its total cost of ownership, which include fuel costs, maintenance, and more.

Most people don't take all the related costs into account.

This can lead them to believe that most EVs are simply too expensive to fit into their budget.

MTN Ranger has kept track of his Model 3 ownership costs, including the EV's financing, which covers the Tesla's total price with incentives, taxes, and fees.

He also provides details about the cost of insurance, repairs, and maintenance.

he's spent on the Model 3 to date has cost him just $18,134.10 over four years and about 48,000 miles.

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