NIU issues US recall of 2022 MQiGT EVO electric scooter, but fix is a software update

NIU’s latest flagship electric scooter, the MQiGT EVO, is now the subject of a recall in the United States.

In a very Tesla-like move though, the fix isn’t actually a hardware issue, but rather just a software update.

The affected vehicles are 2022 MQiGT EVO electric scooters, which is a new model that only recently entered the US market.

According to a recall notice, the EVO electric scooter has a firmware issue that can cause the motor to lose power.

Because the issue is in the firmware and not the motor itself, the company has been able to solve it with a software update for the scooter.

In Europe, the software update prevented the need for a recall. However, US laws require an official recall, even if the fix is obtainable via a software update.

The issue affects many automakers, and Tesla owners likely have a more intimate experience with such software-based recalls and fixes.

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