Nissan GT-R With 1,500 Horsepower Rolls Over 11 Times, Driver Lives To Tell The Story

Racing always involves taking quite a bit of risk as something could go horribly wrong in the blink of an eye.

Mick Mansour learned that lesson the hard way after crashing a Nissan GT-R last month in Australia during the 2022 GT-R Challenge held at the Cootamundra Airport.

It was the first crash in the 14 years the event has been held, and easily one of the scariest accidents involving Godzilla.

He was rushed over to the hospital where the doctors repeated the MRA scan since they couldn't believe he was ok.

When they got back with the results confirming he had escaped unscathed, the doctors told him it was a miracle he survived with no broken bones and only some bruising.

He was allowed to go home the same day to see his wife and kids.

Built for drag racing, the GT-R was making around 1,500 horsepower on E98 fuel

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