McLaren Elva 2022 review – British rival to the topless Ferrari Monza

The McLaren Elva is ascending into a cloudless sky for mile after mile through a never-ending sequence of long, third-gear corners.

At times the gradient is steep as a curve opens out and the road climbs rapidly to the next long hairpin.

Interspersed are flatter, meandering sections that follow spectacular ridgelines before the tarmac coils back in on itself and the climb resumes.

The Elva doesn’t notice. Whether its nose is pointing upwards or shovelling low along one of the flat sections, the acceleration is akin to freefall.

My stomach is three corners back. Every time I pin the throttle to its stop it’s like the moment a rollercoaster hurtles over the big, heart-stopping drop.

But there’s nothing to catch you at the bottom, so you just keep falling and falling until you run out of road or bravery.

The Elva is stupidly, wonderfully, shockingly fast. The sort of fast to which your body can’t acclimatise. It never gets old.

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