Christian von Koenigsegg Is Full Of Praise For This American Sports Car

As the driving force behind creations such as the awe-inspiring Jesko and the legendary CCX hypercar,

one would expect Christian von Koenigsegg to be underwhelmed by anything but the cars that bear his name. But that's not the case

The speed-loving Swede has enjoyed a years-long love affair with the MX-5 Miata and reportedly daily drives a Tesla Model S.

But at The Quail, a prestigious event that forms part of Monterey Car Week, von Koenigsegg expressed admiration for a true American icon.

He told The Drive that the C8 Corvette is an incredibly impressive machine. "What bang for the buck," he said.

"That GM can [offer the Corvette] for that kind of money, with that level of performance is mind-blowing ... good for them, and their customers," added Koenigsegg.

That's high praise indeed but, then again, the Corvette really is an incredible creation.

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