Hyundai unveils two N brand performance EV concepts ahead of IONIQ 5 N launch

IONIQ continues to grow and will join the N sub-brand

Two summers ago, Hyundai launched IONIQ as its own electric brand consisting of three initial models.

This began with the IONIQ 5 crossover EV, which is currently available and remains in high demand in all its respective markets.

During the initial IONIQ brand launch, Hyundai shared details of two additional EVs to follow, the IONIQ 6 sedan and IONIQ 7 SUV.

Earlier this week, Hyundai delivered the global debut of the IONIQ 6 with much hype.

At the end of one of its launch videos, all three IONIQ models are shown racing down a track side by side.

Suddenly, from the other direction, another vehicle zooms by, followed by text stating that IONIQ N branded EVs are coming.

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