Electric cars being charged at night making America’s power grids unstable, study warns

Leaving your electric car charging overnight to have it ready in the morning seems like a good idea in theory.

But in reality, research suggests doing so does more harm in the long run. Stanford scientists say that it’s more costly to charge your electric car at night and it could stress out your local electric grid.

Instead, researchers suggest drivers should switch to charging their vehicle at work or in public charging stations.

Another added benefit to charging in the daytime at a public station is that it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

With the effects of climate change more apparent than ever—frequent forest fires, widespread flooding, and stronger hurricanes—car companies are expecting people to start investing in electric-powered cars in the future.

For example, California residents are expected to buy more electric cars as the state is planning to ban sales of gasoline-powered cars and light trucks in 2035.

“We encourage policymakers to consider utility rates that encourage day charging and incentivize investment in charging infrastructure to shift drivers from home to work for charging,”


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