Happy Birthday Mom And Dad, Here's A Tesla AI Robot To Clean And Mow The Yard

Unveiled at Tesla AI Day 2021, the Tesla Bot is one item from Tesla Inc. That provides the electric vehicle leader with a new revenue stream.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently wrote an essay about some of the future use cases and targeted customers for the Tesla Bot.

“As technology accelerates, it may one day surpass human understanding and control.

Some are optimistic and some are pessimistic," Musk wrote in China Cyberspace, a monthly magazine.

"But I believe that as long as we are not complacent and always maintain a sense of urgency, the future of humanity will be bright, driven by the power of technology.”

And the smarter cars become, similar to “web-connected robots on wheels," it also makes humanoid robots a reality, Musk explained.

The Tesla Bot, which could see a prototype launch later this year, is close to the height and weight of an adult, has legs and an interactive screen interface.


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