Can-Am unveils two new electric motorcycles set to reclaim the brand’s historic glory

BRP, the owner of the Can-Am brand, just announced the two new models after teasing them earlier this year.

They won’t be available until 2024, but their debut will mark the first two-wheelers to bear the Can-Am badge in over three decades.

The two models offer two different styles of riding yet share the same Rotex E-Power drivetrain.

BRP is certainly excited about a return to form for the Can-Am brand, as BRP’s president and CEO José Boisjoli explained in a statement provided to Electrek.

Can-Am won’t only be competing against Zero though. The light electric motorcycle market in the US has begun heating up significantly lately.

The Kollter ES1 has already been on the road for over a year, offering speeds of around 70 mph (112 km/h) with an 11 kW (15 hp) motor.

If Can-Am wants to ensure it there will be a slice of the pie left for the storied brand, it better deliver – and quickly.


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