Aptera announces two new supply agreements to bring its flagship SEV to serial production

Following news of a strategic deal for electric motors announced last week

Aptera Motors has announced an additional agreement to receive lithium-ion battery cells from EVE Energy Co., Ltd. With two new supply agreements in place

Aptera moves one step closer to serial production of its flagship solar electric vehicle.

Aptera Motors is a San Diego-based startup that specializes in solar electric vehicles (SEVs).

As the second go-around under the Aptera moniker, the automaker has been continuously working to bring its flagship SEV to production

Aptera had over 22,000 reservations for its SEV – a group that continues to grow as Aptera nears initial production.

The company is been transitioning into a new 80,000-square-foot facility slightly north in Carlsbad, California, where the upcoming SEVs will be built.

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