Yamaha updates its adorable little e-Vino electric scooter, boosting its tiny range

The Yamaha e-Vino, a cute little retro-inspired electric scooter that invokes some serious Vespa vibes, was never much of a powerhouse.

But now, Yamaha is making the scooter slightly more enticing with some performance bumps on the newest model.

When we first covered the little runabout, we largely panned its specs of a 580W continuous-rated motor that only got the cute little thing up to around 27 mph (44 km/h).

The single 500Wh battery wasn’t much to write home about either, barely offering a range of 18 miles (29 km) in slow mode.

A second battery option doubled the range, but 2x something small is still pretty small.

First, Yamaha increased the battery capacity of each pack by 17%, putting the new modules at 585 Wh instead of 500Wh.

With that increased battery capacity, Yamaha promises a whopping range increase from 29 km to 32 km. That’s a whole 20 miles, folks. Double, if you outfit it with two batteries.


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