Polestar o2 new Electric concept car with drone price, range, features and details.

The polestar o2 Electric Concept car is built by Polestar and they provide the drone with this car for Cinematic videography and photography you can also edit and share these videos and photos using the car.

Polestar o2 drone features

As you guys already know Polestar provides a drone with the Roadster sports o2 model, the company also has designed a drone that supposedly will launch from the rear of the car and film a cinematic view as you drive. This drone has almost no chance of ever seeing the light of day. The Drone seems to be, quite literally, a flight of fancy. Once in flight, the drone would then operate autonomously, following the car at speeds up to 56 mph.

Volvo Polestar o2 electric sports car
Volvo Polestar o2 electric sports car

Polestar o2 seating arrangement

The polestar O2 sports car is the second concept car from Polestar, after the Precept from 2020. The full-electric car is a hard-top convertible with a “2+2” seating arrangement which means the rear seats will be a snug fit for anyone over 8 years old and the front 2 seats for adults.

Polestar o2 Interior design

The interior of the polestar electric O2 takes all the advancements made with Precept and applies them to a roadster. This car features a contextualized infotainment system that adapts to the driver’s movements, woven flax panels, 3D knit upholstery, and other sustainable material innovations. Paired with carefully curated color combinations, it elevates comfort to a new level.

Polestar o2 Price in USA

O2 sports car with a removable roof and whisper-quiet drive, and ultra-luxury convertible/coupe that is the spiritual successor to the very first Polestar vehicle: the $155,000 plug-in electric hybrid Polestar 1 with a carbon fiber body, 609 horsepower and 52 miles of all-electric range.
The O2 polestar with the top and goes all-electric, using the same aluminum architecture as the Polestar 5 flagship sedan that is slated for production in 2024. Being a concept, Polestar didn’t provide any specifics about the battery or its range.

Polestar o2 Range

It’s rumored that the Polestar o2 sports car could have 310 miles of range, along with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup.

Polestar o2 range

It’s rumored that the Polestar o2 sports car could have 310 miles of range, along with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup.

Polestar o2 price

The Polestar o2 sports car cost has $155,000 Approx.

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